Oi! Mr. Mayor Zel Firdhaus


One of addictive game I ever played was SimCity 4. I'm really addicted to it, until now. I've been a SimCity fan since SimCity 3000. The goal of the game is to construct a burgeoning metropolis from ground up. There are no set goals or parameter basically. In simple word, no game over. The game over is depending on how you meet your own expectation. The game will tax your ability to get your city going profitably. Requires fine tuned management of resources and attention to detail.

This game is more difficult to play differ than SimCity 3000 because of the complexity and it is to realistic. The programmer have put a lot of afford to come out with complex algorithms for city growth in this version. It makes me headache sometimes. As a result, since 2005 I'm still a bad Mayor and of course with a lot of debt. I stuck in this game.

I heard Maxis will come out with the newest version, more complex and the graphic will be more realistic. I'm pretty sure.. more headache. 

More info at SimCity 4 Wikipedia

Happy gaming, brada!!!